Allison Boley Allison Boley took the twisty path towards her lifelong dream of becoming a novelist. After graduating from Arizona State University with a BS in justice studies, Allison moved to Los Angeles... just in time for a writers strike and a recession.

She rocked a holiday calendar kiosk in the mall and a couple other jobs before landing a position as assistant to two agents who represented screenwriters and directors. During that same time, Allison earned semifinalist honors in the international Scriptapalooza TV contest for her House spec script about a fictional patient who experiences rigor mortis while still alive.

Allison BoleyWhen she eventually almost ran out of money, Allison returned to Arizona. In 2020, she earned her PhD in physics using the transmission electron microscope to study materials that solar panels could be made of in the future. She currently teaches physics and furthers efforts towards diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in her capacity as Associate Teaching Professor in physics at ASU.

Allison's debut novel is spy thriller Cipher, coming summer 2024.Allison Boley

In addition to writing and physics, Allison loves playing drums and learning new things.

You can learn more about Allison through her website , and connect with her on Twitter and Instagram at @allisonboley , or on TikTok at @allison_boley .

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