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Stroller Math
3.5 inches x 2 inches, folded
Stroller Math ID Tag $2.45
Turn anytime into productive time with Stroller Math!
Whether you're at the mall or walking through the neighborhood, every outing offers a chance to build your toddler's pre-math from the convenience of his or her stroller seat. When folded, Stroller Math doubles as an ID tag insert for your stroller.
With no additional requirements, Stroller Math turns the whole world into an opportunity for learning.
Refrigerator Math
4 inches x 6 inches
Refrigerator Math Magnet $4.45
Turn the light on the math in your refrigerator!
Use the questions and simple experiments on this magnet to prompt exploration and understanding of mathematical concepts in children 5 and under.
Stay as clean or get as messy as you want as your child learns that math opens doors to worlds of understanding – including the door to the refrigerator.
Travel Math
3.5 inches x 2 inches, folded
Travel Math Luggage Tag $2.45
Stimulate bored minds on long trips and keep your own sanity with math.
This luggage tag insert unfolds into travel-themed math questions and activities for children 10 and under. It folds easily back up and conveniently fits in a standard luggage tag holder, ready for the next flight or road trip.
Wherever you are and wherever you're going, the Travel Math Luggage Tag offers a journey of discovery.
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